Golden Door - REX Karmaveer Truth-writer Fellowship & Chakra Awards Recipients

This Medal is empowered by the Karmaveer Chakra instituted by iCONGO in partnership with the United Nations


A greater emphasis in the judging process is given to Truthteller - Writers who are Champions for positive change.

Doors have been opened for my message and my writings. I stepped into public speaking through TV interviews, panels and talkshows, expanding my reach internationally.


The Golden Door has created a platform for truth tellers & seekers from around the world to share their gifts. I feel blessed and honoured to be involved, and I see a bright future, as I think this platform is going to be a leader in positive world change."

Tony Knight, New Zealand

Golden Door - RKGF Medal (Silver)

This award will help my book "Yes, You Can Innovate" to reach out and inspire more people to create impact from new ideas.


I would like to thank Tahira Amir Sultan Khan for turning the key of The Golden Door and unleashing such a worthwhile initiative into the world.

Natalie Turner, Malaysia, UK

Golden Door - RKGF Medal (Bronze)

An initiative possible because of the fearless and graceful Founder of the Golden Door Awards, Tahira Amir Sultan Khan.


She and Golden Door are now a shining crucible which will act as a centre and a beacon for truth, transformation and action for all of us to help build a beautiful New Earth.


Jeremy Monteiro, Singapore

Golden Door - RKGF Medal (Bronze)

The Founder, Tahira Amir Sultan Khan, has truly created a platform to explore the truth from various angles. And that is the most important thing when we want to advance society: that we can thoroughly explore each others' truths.

Mette Johannson, Singapore

Golden Door - RKGF Medal (Bronze)

The timing of the superb Golden Door to expose endless hidden truths, by brilliant authors and speakers, was perfect.


This troubled world is desperate for such platforms. We have grown exponentially during the training, and I pray that this is the foundation of a great future in exposing truths.

Rusty Labuschagne, South Africa, Zimbabwe

Golden Door - RKGF Medal (Bronze)

Thank you so much for the initiative. I am really blessed by it. I finally found a group of passionate truth writers that I can relate to.


The Awards have certainly been enriching, exciting and endearing. The talks, discussion and debates are all powerful and meaningful. 

Dr Henry Toi, Singapore

Golden Door - RKGF Medal (Bronze)