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Virtual Writers Awards and Convention

We have food shortages, poverty, racial issues, taboos and stigmas still prevailing at this time. 

The modern-day war, that is decimating and segregating innocent people. With the constant and incremental threat to humanity, we must do all that we can to be enablers of change.


The vision of GOLDEN DOOR is to be a "Doorway" for Truth-writers to become the enablers of change. We call them the Truth-Creators.


​We are honoured to have the presence and attendance of :


Guest of Honour, Gauranga Das, Leader at ISKCON & Director Govardhan Eco Village (India)

Former Guest of Honour, Jim Cathcart, Speaker Hall of Fame (USA) 


Bishop Riah Abu El-Assal, Strong Advocate for Peace between Israel & Palestine. (Israel)

Zainul Abidin Rasheed, Singapore's Ambassador to the State of Kuwait & Special Envoy of the Minister for Foreign Affairs to the Middle East. (Singapore)

Ustazah Liyana Rosli Asmara, Head of Harmony Centre, Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Singapore) 


Kee Thuan Chye, Renowned Poet, Playwright, Journalist (Malaysia)

Former Nominated Member of Parliament, Viswa Sadasivan (Singapore)

Michael Yap, Former Chairman of Singapore SOKA Association (Singapore).

Robert Yeo, Renowned Poet & Playwright (Singapore) 

Malminderjit Singh, Communications Consultant and Chairman of the Sikh Advisory Board, Singapore.

Mandy Sanghera - Advisor, UNESCO, Philanthropist & Global Catalyst 

Jerome Elam - President & CEO of Trafficking in America Task Force (USA)

Kanta Singh - Country Program Manager - UN Women (India)

Najat Abdullah - Global One, Kenya - Country Director (Kenya)

ElsaMarie DSilva - Founder, RED DOT Foundation (India)

A Consequential Event

for the sake of Humanity 

An annual event has been designed to be mind-altering and consequential, opening multiple doors yet leading to one golden door - the advancement of humanity. 

  • CELEBRATE the Winners of GOLDEN DOOR 2021


    Featuring all who made it to the Top 18 and announcing the Final Winners. They represent a group of writers who embody truth and integrity in their writing and bring that out masterfully in act and deed.


    A paramount moment in their lives, we are excited to see them take their journey further.



  • IMPACT CHANGE through a series of Panels based on Generative Dialogues


    Raising up the 2020 Winners, Golden Door Ambassadors and the Golden Truths Contributing Authors a notch higher in greatness, for an important cause.  


    As Panelists, they can bring to life what they write so passionately about, and for you, as part of the audience to engage and present your ideas for real action and resolution.


    The world is at the brink. The positive action we take now, will resonate in eternity. 



  • EMPOWER everyone attending


    You may see yourself as a future Truth-Writer, Truth-Creator or Champion for Change. 


    This is your chance to take a big leap forward by interacting with those who have achieved that, and attending the series of educational Panels, and perhaps begin a new life-altering path.


Tahira Amir Sultan Khan

Founder of Golden Door.


Author of the bestseller 'Through The Golden Door" and Compiling Author of the Golden Truths book series. 


A Futurist and Technologist for 25 years, she now conducts spiritual and personal transformation programs. Recipient of the REX Karmaveer Chakra Gold Award 2019 and nominee of the 2021 Tallberg Snf Eliasson Leadership Prize. 

Dr Kirpal Singh

Chief Judge of Golden Door


Former Director of the Wee Kim Wee Centre at Singapore Management University and 1st Asian Director of the Commonwealth Prize.


A formidable presence in the local literary scene since the 1970s, he has written and published several collections of poetry, books and articles on creative thinking,  His book : "Thinking Hats and Coloured Turbans". 

Rob Salisbury CSP

MC for the Opening Ceremony, Judge


Author of 18 books, Rob has been hired as an MC / Speaker over 2350 times in 25 + countries. Former President of the Professional Speakers Association of Australia for two years running. 

Joanne Flinn

Co-MC for the Opening Ceremony, Lead Judge


Author of 5 books and two-time TEDx speaker, Joanne has spoken for for  Asian Banker, corporations like Bank Julius Bär, Calvin Klein and KPMG. held senior roles with PricewaterhouseCoopers and DBS and more. 

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    Virtual Opening Ceremony

    DAY 1 : Opening Ceremony and VIP Panel, followed on by the 2021 Awards Results

    Start time : 6:30PM SGT (GMT + 8) 

    End time : 11:00PM SGT (GMT + 8) 


    A warm welcome by the MCs, Rob Salisbury and Joanne Flinn to GOLDEN DOOR 2021!


    We will begin with an exclusive premiere of the Golden Truths' "Book to Screen" video-stream by 


    This will be followed by opening speeches by the Founder and the Guest of Honour. 


    The VIP Panel on "Achieving Religious Harmony" will be next, finally leading to the announcement of the awards results for 2021!

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    Series of Panels

    DAY 2: Generative Dialogue Panels

    Start time : 10:00AM SGT (GMT + 8)

    End time : 9:30PM SGT (GMT + 8)


    Followed by the following Generative Dialogue Panels : 


    Natural Intelligence for Real World Application (10:00AM SGT - 11:30AM SGT)


    Trust & Respect is not Inherited by Title, Ancestry or Position. (3:00PM SGT - 4:30PM SGT)


    Tyranny of Taboos (5:00PM SGT - 6:30PM SGT)


    The After-Party Panel: An Invitation to Co-Create the Future. (7:30PM SGT - 9:30PM SGT) 

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     Final Day of the Panel Series, with the Closing Ceremony at the end.

    DAY 3 : Final Day of the Panel Series, with the Closing Ceremony at the end.

    Start time : Midnight SGT (GMT + 8) 

    End time : 10:00PM SGT (GMT + 8) 


    Panels : 


    Multiculturalism is the New Normal (12 Midnight - 1:30AM SGT)


    The Real Value of Relationships (10:00AM SGT - 11:30 AM SGT)  


    Thrive - how to use our Voice to build an Inspired and Hopeful Future (1:00PM SGT - 2:30PM SGT)


    A Post-Covid Future for Children (5:00PM SGT - 6:30PM SGT)


    Freedom of Writing (7:00PM SGT - 8:30 PM SGT)


    Closing Ceremony (8:30PM - 10:00PM)

    An evening of celebration and gratitude to all the Sponsors, Partners and Volunteers at GOLDEN DOOR 2021. There may be a Special Guest Appearance. Watch for it!

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    Post-Event Privileges

    Post-Event Privileges 

    Stay tuned for this gift for VIP Access Holders

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    Authentic Business

    GOLDEN DOOR - HIT-Talks Panel

    A Panel with 8 of the GOLDEN DOOR 2021 Winners fpr 8 minutes each.


    Time : 8:00PM SGT - 9:30PM SGT

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    Authentic Business

    Workshop for Leaders

    Conducted by Andrew Chua, Founder. Details will be shared soon.


    Time : 5:00PM SGT - 7:00PM SGT

Achieving Religious Harmony

Religion has been both a unifying and divisive force. How do we resolve this paradox so that for future generations, religion becomes a force for harmony and diversity? 


The discussion hopes to initiate a Call-to-Action on resolving the matters stated. This will be the first panel for this convention and  it will begin just after the Opening Ceremony.


Date : Saturday, 4th Sep 2021

Time : 7:50PM SGT - 9:10PM SGT

Other Timezones: 5:20PM IST - :6:40PM IST  / 12:50PM UKT- 2:10PM UKT / 7:50AM EST - 9:10AM EST

Achieving Religious Harmony

The Host : Authentic Business Founder, Andrew Chua


The Co-Host : Golden Door Founder, Tahira Amir Sultan Khan


The Panellists:

Bishop Ria Abu El-Assal 

Riah Abu El-Assal, author of the bestselling book 'Caught in Between', is a refugee, deacon, priest, archdeacon, canon, ecumenist, inter-faith activist and 13th Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Jerusalem and the Middle East. His Grace has served in different capacities, eg. WCC Commission on Human Rights;  Co-Chair of  the World Council For Religious Leaders; and many other historic roles and responsibilities. 


Malminderjit Singh - He is a Communications Consultant and Chairman of the Sikh Advisory Board, Singapore.

Michael Yap - The Former Chairman of Singapore SOKA Association (SSA). SSA is a Buddhist organisation established to promote peace and harmonious co-existence through its educational and cultural activities. Michael Yap is a Mediator, Lawyer ,Educator- NUS ( LL.B ) & RMIT ( M Ed).


Ustazah Liyana Rosli Asmara - She is the first woman to be the head of the Harmony Centre, which was launched in 2006 as an initiative by the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS). She has been with the Centre for almost eight years. She was a former educator, who hopes to encourage more women to play a more critical role in interfaith understanding and shaping the religious lives of communities.

Natural Intelligence for Real World Application

Natural Intelligence for Real World Application

Why and what is natural intelligence? How can we implement our innate ideals, and connect to Source, while living in the physical world.


The Panel topic draws inspiration from the Award-Winning essay by Tony Knight "Natural Intelligence for Real World Application" at the Golden Door Awards 2020 and is also chosen to be featured as a story in the Golden Truths book series (Book 1)..

The discussion hopes to initiate a Call-to-Action which could bring the much-needed shift in the application of natural intelligence in the world.


Date : Sunday, 5th Sep 2021

Time : 10:00AM SGT - 11:30AM SGT

Other Timezones: 7:30AM IST - 9:00AM IST  / 3:00AM UKT - 4:30AM UKT (5th Sep)

10:00PM EST - 11:30PM EST (4th Sep)

The Host : Golden Door Founder, Tahira Amir Sultan Khan


The Panellists:

Tony Knight - Golden Door Ambassador, Freedom Agent Ecoprenuer, Silver Medalist for the Golden Door - REX Karmaveer Truth-writers Fellowship Charkra Awards 2020. Tony is Contributing Author of the chapter 'Natural Intelligence for Real World Application' in the Golden Truths book series.

Gerald Lopez - A trained lawyer from Malaysia, who grew up near the jungles and nature. A nature lover and passionate photographer, he is now a practising Natural Health Consultant. He calls himself a Mind Body Truth Warror as he is committed to the cause for Truth in everything that he does.

Anne Chiang - A Healer, Editor, Writer and Learner, she spent a long career working with educational institutions. She has now dedicated her life to the healing  of people and animals, a mission that brings her great joy. Contributing Author of the chapter 'Custodians of the Land' in the Golden Truths book series.

Luke Kohen - A quickly rising voice of inspiration and leadership on our planet as a Speaker, Heartist, Mentor and Ecopreneur. He carries a unique multi-disciplinary wisdom in service and is deeply committed to bridging the gap between social entrepreneurship and environmental activism.

Trust & Respect is not Inherited by Title, Ancestry or Position

Trust and respect is not inherited by title, ancestry or position. It should be earned. 


The panel topic draws inspiration from the story "Respect & Trust is earned and not Inherited" by Jeroninio (Jerry) Almeida which is featured in Book 2 of the Golden Truths book series.

The discussion hopes to initiate a Call-to-Action which can bring the much-needed mindset shift when it comes to gaining trust and respect in the way it should be.


Date : Sunday, 5th Sep 2021

Time : 3:00PM SGT - 4:30PM SGT  

Other Timezones: 12:30PM IST - 3:00PM IST  / 8:00AM UKT - 9:30AM UKT / 3:00AM EST - 4:30AM EST

Trust & Respect

The Host : Jeroninio (Jerry) Almeida - An eminent and celebrated Motivational Speaker, Leadership Trainer and Life Coach. He is also a missionary entrepreneur. He founded iCONGO International Federation of NGOs and has championed fundraising campaigns and awareness generating social movements. 


The Panellists:

Ms Aditi Misra - A Career Educator since 35 years, she is an Alumnus of DPS RK Puram and Lady Shriram College. A Karmaveer Chakra Awardee, she received the Maharatna Award from iCONGO in 2019. She has authored and ideated several books for children.


Ms Eitu Vij Chopra - An Educationist, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Life Wellness Coach & NLP Practitioner. Founder of Karmic Therapy by Eitu and Co-Founder at REX Karmaveer Global Mission. She writes prose and poetry and is very passionate about mental health awareness work for different age groups.

Mark Parkinson - CEO of CIA FIRST Schools, Cambodia. After 11 years as a Private Banker, he began setting up, running and turning around schools in India, Bangladesh, the UAE and now Cambodia. His commitment to innovative schools that lead change, emphasizing development of skills for the 21st Century.


Chef Michael Swamy - A Chef, Food Stylist, Travel Photographer and Pioneer in the area of food media. He graduated from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, London. An author of several books, he has won the Goumand Award a number of times.


Col Abraham Cherian - An Indian Army Veteran, he champions mentoring & integration of veterans in business management & the private sector. He writes about his military leadership experiences and how they apply to good business management practices. He speaks on ground-level leadership & integrity.


Tyranny of Taboos

Tyranny of Taboos

How extremism on menstrual taboos and stigmas are affecting the world. There is a much-needed shift required from dogmatic, regressive thinking to progressive, inclusive living across the region.


The Panel topic draws inspiration from the Award-Winning essay by Roshani Shenazz "The Pouch of Creation and its Disuniting Beliefs" at the Golden Door Awards 2020 and is also chosen to be featured as a story in the Golden Truths book series (Book 1).


The discussion hopes to initiate a Call-to-Action which can bring the much-needed shift from dogmatic regressive thinking to progressive, inclusive living across the globe.


Date : Sunday, 5th Sep 2021

Time : 5:00PM SGT - 6:30PM SGT  

Other Timezones: 2:30PM IST - 4:00PM IST  / 10AM UKT - 11:30AM UKT / 5:00AM EST - 6:30AM EST

The Host : Roshani Shenazz - Golden Door Ambassador, Spiritual SoulDoctor, Wellbeing Coach, Shared 2nd Prize Winner at the GOLDEN DOOR 2020 (Essay), Bronze Medalist for the Golden Door - REX Karmaveer Truth-writers Fellowship Chakra Awards 2020.


The Panellists:

Jerome Elam - President & CEO of Trafficking in America Task Force. He is a Public Speaker, Staff Writer, and a well-known columnist for Communities Digital News. He is dedicated to the protection and empowerment of trafficked people. In 2019, he was inducted as one of New York's Abolitionists alongside President Jimmy Carter and Michael Bloomberg.


Kanta Singh - Country Program Manager, UN Women (India). She has over 25 years experience in the management of pro-women development programmes. She has worked with national and international organizations to promote women in formal economy, sports and politics. A Chevening Gurukul Fellow from the University of Oxford.

ElsaMarie DSilva - Founder of Red Dot Foundation (India) and President of Red Dot Foundation Global (USA). She is a 2020 IWF Fellow & a Gratitude Network Fellow, 2009 Fascell Fellow, a 2018 Yale World Fellow and an alumni of the Stanford Draper Hills Summer School, the US State Department's Fortune Mentoring Program and more.


Major Dr. Meeta Singh - A Doctor, Soldier & Humanitarian who works for the equality, empowerment and dignity of humanity, especially the marginalised and disadvantaged sections of society. She has served as Chairperson of Dignity of Girl Child Foundation since 2011. Honoured with the "Outstanding Women" Award by NCW, Govt of India.


Mandy Sanghera - An award-winning philanthropist, consultant and global campaigner often referred to as a global catalyst. An international Human Rights Activist, Motivational Tedx Speaker and Advisor to UNESCO in partnership with the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development.


Najat Mohamed - Country Director for Global One - Kenya overseeing the achievement of its vision and mission in the horn of Africa. Over 15 years of experience in development and humanitarian sectors in both Ethiopia and Kenya. She has an enormous passion for gender equality, women empowerment and community development.

An Invitation to Co-Create the Future

As we witness the division between "worlds - one gone astray and the other barely forming, we will explore the journey of co-creating the new emerging future.


The discussion hopes to initiate a Call-to-Action for the c-creation of a better world.


Date : Sunday, 5th Sep 2021

Time : 7:30PM SGT - 9:30PM SGT

Other Timezones: 5:00PM IST - 6:30PM IST  / 1:30PM UKT - 3:00PM UKT / 7:30AM EST - 9:00AM EST

An Invitation to Co-Create the Future

The Host : Golden Door Founder, Tahira Amir Sultan Khan

The Panellists:

Prajna Murdaya - The 
Founder of Constellation and on the Executive Committee of the Golden Door Awards. Prajna is from the second generation of the family-owning business Central Cipta Murdaya (CCM) Group of Companies, involved in real estate, IT, timber, plantations, consumer goods and engineering. In 2015, Prajna founded Shoemaker Studios, one of the leading music recording studios in the country.


Faiz Nazarali - A Global Entrepreneur. He is Founder of HighVibe.Network, which focuses on accelerating the growth of humanity by providing an innovative ecosystem for individual and collective expansion. Faiz is currently working on exciting projects that involve blockchain, digital marketing, e-learning, and global food trade. (Also a non-profit education initiative that empowers women in emerging markets to work online.) 

Jeremy Dela Rosa – A Visionary who focuses on making 'good deeds' profitable. He is the founder of Leyline, which was founded on the belief in a compassionate future. He is building a platform to amplify ways for each and every one of us to do good and help change the world.


Luke Kohen -  A rising voice of inspiration and leadership as a speaker, heartist, mentor, & ecopreneur. He carries a unique multi-disciplinary wisdom in service to an emerging culture on Planet Earth, which informs all the content he creates. With over a decade of experience empowering individuals and groups, he also serves as a mentor for emerging leaders, founders & change agents.


Jess MagicAn award-winning social entrepreneur, women’s empowerment coach, globally touring songstress and sacred activist. Specializing in the use of ancient and modern technologies like music, media, story-telling, trauma-healing and immersive experience, design to shift the divisive and fear-driven personal and collective narrative into one of creativity, unity and compassion.

The Real Value of Relationships

The Real Value of Relationships

We are seeing the real value of relationships at this time. What more can we do to empower relationships so that we flourish in the most challenging situations?


This topic draws inspiration from these stories which are featured in the Golden Truths Book 1: "Reconciliation" by Dr Kent van Cleave, "Family Values" by Tallulah D'Silva, "The Revolutionary Effect on Relationships" by Walter Lush, and "Empathy and Pain" by Deepak Natverlal.


The dialogue hopes to initiate a Call-to-Action, which could bring the much-needed shift in how we value relationships.


Date : Monday, 6th Sep 2021

Time : 10:00AM SGT - 11:30AM SGT

Other Timezones: 7:30AM IST - 9:00AM IST  / 3:00AM UKT - 4:30AM UKT (6th Sep)

10:00PM EST - 11:30PM EST (5th Sep)

The Host : Golden Door Founder, Tahira Amir Sultan Khan


The Panellists:

Dr Kent van Cleave - An Educator, he lives with his wife in rural east Tennessee surrounded by forests and mountains. He earned his PhD in industrial and organisational psychology, and for the last 33+ years, he has been a professor of psychology and business, as well as a business consultant.

Deepak Natverlal - A Lawyer and a Barrister-At-Law from Lincoln's Inn of Court, LLM, University of London, he is currently practising in his own boutique law firm. He is also an Adjunct Lecturer at local tertiary institutions. He writes articles that are inspired by events on daily life. He enjoys music, poetry, counselling and meditation. 

Elias Kanaris - Keynote Speaker & Author of the book 'Leading from the Stop'. He focuses on helping leaders lead. As the President of the Global Speakers Federation, he understands how to lead diverse and high performing teams that straddle multiple geographies. A prolific speaker in 13 countries, across 4 continents, he uses humour to help his audience engage with the message.

Norani Abu Bakar - An Advocate for intercultural engagement, she has trained 100s of youth in building harmonious relationships. She has lived amongst the unsheltered and differently-abled youth in Shanghai and refugees in Malaysia. The projects she has led were winners / finalists for the Expatriate Professional Women Society Shanghai Award and the President Challenge Award (Social Enterprise Singapore). 

A Post-Covid Future for Children

What will a post-covid pandemic future of children be like? How do we prepare children for this future?


This topic draws inspiration from the story featured in the Golden Truths Book 2 by Rami Adham, 


The discussion hopes to initiate a Call-to-Action which could bring a positive future for the next generation.


Date : Monday, 6th Sep 2021

Time : 5:00PM SGT - 6:30PM SGT

Other Timezones: 2:30PM IST - 4:00PM IST  / 10AM UKT - 11:30AM UKT / 5:00AM EST - 6:30AM EST

A Post-Covid Future for Children

The Host : ​Tallulah D'Silva - Golden Door Ambassador, 2nd Prize (Essay - Shared) Winner at the GOLDEN DOOR 2020. She is an architect and an activist for the preservation of the ecology and for the future of children.

The Panellists:

Rami Adham - World Famous Toy Smuggler who has been featured on BBC, CNN and numerous new channels for his significant work as a Humanitarian to alleviate the suffering of the deprived and orphaned children of Syria.

Karen Shaw – A Parenting Empowerment Coach and Author, dedicating her life to ensuring all children get the support and nurturing care needed to enable them to shine their gifts and unique brilliance.


Ama Lia Lee Wai Ching - An internationally known Qi Gong Master and Intuitive Healer, she has a heart for children's mental health. She is also concerned about the illegal trafficking and abuse of children.

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