GOLDEN DOOR 2021 has now come to a close. 


Truth & Integrity of the Written Word.

"A platform that has the potential to impact millions in the world as writers are rewarded for doing what’s right for the world. It’s an honor to be even a small part of this initiative, and I look forward to seeing the openness this creates for all."

Cathy Johnson, An Inspirational Speaker, ICF-Certified Professional Coach, Mentor, Mediator, Professional Facilitator, President of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore

Winners stand to win some great 

prizes and sponsorships

Winners will be selected from each category : book, essay/blog or poem. To receive the prizes and sponsorships, virtual attendance at the Golden Door 2021 is required.

  • Main Award Trophy

    Your entry will be reviewed by a distinguished Panel of Judges. If you win, you will get the highly acclaimed Trophy for the Golden Door Book AwardGolden Door Blog/Essay Award or the Golden Door Poem Award. .

  • GD-RKTF Medal

    Amongst the Top 20, those  who stand out as Change Champions will also be nominated for the Golden Door - REX Karmaveer Truth-writer Fellowship & Chakra Awards, which is instituted by iCONGO in partnership with the United Nations.

  • Certificate

    All the Finalists will receive the prestigious Golden Door Awards Certificate signed by the Founder and the Chief Judge.

  • Media Exposure

    Get featured on international platforms and grow your reach, influence and credibility as Writer and become a true Champion for Change.. 

  • Authority Building

    Expert Channel TV´s  Magnetic Speaker programme


    The Gold, Silver and Bronze Winners will get lifetime access to the Magnetic Speaker-on-Video programme valued at $500. "Make your international book tour a success, learn how to be a good guest and speaker. A self-paced programme consisting of a Video confidence bootcamp and on creating magnetic videos. 


    Gold and Silver Winners will get a Special feature in Movers&Shakers Magazine, where they can speak about their book and journey as a writer. 

  • Publishers & Film Producers

    As one of the Finalists, if you participate in the Media and Speaking Opportunities, you may get the attention of potential Publishers and Film Producers as they will be invited to watch the sessions. 

  • Speaking Opportunities

    You will be invited to be a Golden Door Ambassador. This will be an opportunity to speak in front of an international audience at panels and other speaking events.

  • Leadership Coaching for the Truthseekers

    Group Coaching by the Golden Door Founder that is aimed to be a leader or influencer of purpose, truth and integrity (up to 3 months) 

Golden Door - REX Karmaveer Truth-writer Fellowship and Chakra Awards

The REX Karmaveer is empowered by the Karmaveer Chakra instituted by iCONGO (International Confederation of NGOs) in partnership with the United Nations. It has been endorsed by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, the late Former President of India


Richard Saul Wurman, the original Founder of TED before he sold it in 2002, is a REX enthusiast and mentor and has been supporting it to stay on the path for creating engaging, energising conversations and learning at REX.

Golden Door - REX Karmaveer Medal


The Golden Door initiative is exceptional and relevant today in a world ridden with fallacy.


The fact that the Founder carried it through its fruition is commendable. It marks the birth of a new world order that builds others with its strength, with opportunities of collaboration and an umbrella of empathy and truth as its foundational value.

Tallulah D'Silva, India

Golden Door Essay / Blog Award (Silver)

In just a couple of years and over one long weekend, the Golden Door has established itself as one such safe-harbour and a base for truth-tellers and warriors of light to congregate, share information and continue our work to change the world into a better place.


All this was made possible because of the fearless and graceful Founder of the Golden Door Awards, Tahira Amir Sultan Khan.

She and her organisation are now a shining crucible which will act as a centre and a beacon for truth, transformation and action for all of us to help build A beautiful New Earth.

Jeremy Monteiro, Singapore

Golden Door Book Award (Bronze)

It has been an eye opening experience in which I have had the opportunity to review and re-enforce my own convictions that my work and life must continue to embody the truth at all times.


From the very inception of my involvement to the culmination of Golden Door, I have worked and lived consciously by making truth a part of everything so that it has become a way of life. Golden Door has only given me further fuel to invite others to truth, not by preaching it, but by setting an example through my work and life.

Nasreen Variyawa, South Africa, Turkey

Top 20, Commendation Recipient

Symbolic as the 'Golden Door of Truth', this Award aims to recognise non-fiction writers as agents of truth and integrity.

Market Insider

20th Feb 2020

Will you be one of the Golden Door Award Winners?


The upcoming Golden Door 2021 set for 4th - 6th Sep will be far-reaching and iconic. 

Star line-up of Bestselling Authors & Truth Advocates 

Sacha StoneBishop Riah of Nazareth, Duonne Alexandra (MBE) graced the official inauguration of the Golden Door 2020. The Guest of Honour was the legendary Jim Cathcart.

"Tahira is a visionary. I support the Golden Door and wish it success."

Tommy Koh, Diplomat Par Excellence & Ambassador-of-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore. Past Chair of the National Arts Council.

Are you ready to join those who boldly write their Truth and live it in their daily lives, as they make their mark in the world?  

We wish to cherish and honour the Truth-seekers and those whose own life journeys have taken them deep into reflecting on this profound topic.


Our objective is to encourage writers of all kinds, be it book authors and bloggers who write honestly and from there to transform these truth-inspired written works into real-world ventures.


The Golden Door is creating a platform for the Truth-Seekers and Truth-Writers to turn into Truth-Creators for profound impact on the world.


New York Chronicle 

2nd Sep 2020

Don't miss this opportunity to contend to be in the Top 20 for Golden Door 2021!


Below are several who made it to last year's Shortlist from across 15 countries.

Golden Door 2020 Winners & Top 20

featured on HIT-Talks 

Several of our Winners and Top 20 Shortlist took on the challenge to be speak for up to 8 minutes each. HIT- Talks gives snippets of Inspiration, (and Hope & Transformation) by assembling some of the greatest minds in the world.

Grab the opportunity! Take the 7 Day "Write, Speak & Create" Challenge.

Join the challenge to kickstart the process of becoming a "Truth Creator".


The "Truth Creator" is an unstoppable super-creative. A lateral thinking New Renaissance Man or Woman. A purpose-driven Leader who speaks, writes and acts upon an important message. 


Such a person leaves behind a legacy that will resonate in eternity for future generations.


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Through the Golden Door Main Award, we are making "truth & integrity" a requisite quality for non-fiction writers of digital content or printed literature. 


Through the Golden Door - REX Karmaveer Truth-writer Fellowship & Chakra Awards, which is instituted by iCONGO and in partnership with the United Nations, we recognise those amongst them who are also champions of change.

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